About Nikola Balić

I am Head of Growth in Daytona. We are raising the first round and serving our first enterprise clients. We are on a mission to increase development velocity through standardized development environments.

Over the past four years (2019-2023), with the support of my team at the University of Split, I have justified the expenditure of 34 million EUR on EU projects, creating value for the knowledge ecosystem in Split.

In the night shift, I own and run a boutique consultancy since 2018, focusing on growth through digitalization, automation, and inbound marketing.

I have been the growth lead at Codeanywhere, where I align content, product development, and customer experience.

Moreover, I have been advising the management of Swiss fintech startup Numarics, helping them achieve explosive growth from fewer than 20 employees to over 150 across different locations and countries.

Achievements and Expertise:

  • Introduced digitalization, created and launched new products in the nutritional supplements industry, and achieved a 54% year-on-year revenue growth.
  • Track record of facilitating company growth, managing projects with substantial funding, and providing mentorship and advisory services.
  • Transformed 200+ companies by developing new products, expanding their horizons, securing funds, and solidifying their international footprint.
  • Implemented automation and digitalization solutions operating with 100% availability for over two years.

Research and Innovation:

  • Played a major role in designing proposals and securing grants for the creation of the European University of the Seas (SEA-EU).
  • Served as a member of the subcommittee for Research, Development, and Innovation Strategies (RDIS) of SEA-EU.
  • Currently conducting research as part of a PhD on Digital Transformation.
  • Writing and publishing research when inspiration strikes.

Intellectual Property and Knowledge Valorisation:

  • Expert for Horizon IP Scan, providing advisory services on intellectual property rights for Horizon Europe beneficiaries.
  • Developed and implemented the first Intellectual Property (IP) policy at the University of Split.
  • Designed and executed the first major Knowledge Transfer and Technology (KTT) project in Dalmatia - TTAdria.
  • I was a long-term ambassador for the European IPR Helpdesk, supporting innovation, business, and sustainability since 2009.
  • Deliver frequent public lectures on IP rights, innovations, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and technology transfer topics.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem:

Learning from Failures:

Participated as a country partner in establishing a technology transfer VC fund, which unfortunately was unsuccessful.

An adept polymath in the universe of growth and digital transformation, an expert startup consultant nurturing the entrepreneurial ecosystem one stride at a time - this is Nikola Balic.