Unleashing Limitless Success in Your Game

My dear sons,

You know Tiger Woods, right? Guy swings a mean golf club, like he’s swatting away the petty annoyances of life.

But here’s the catch: even he has a limit to how fast, how far, how precise he can swing. That’s what we call “performance bounds”. Sure, he can try to squeeze out a little more from his swing, but there’s a ceiling.

Now, success, that’s a whole different beast. No boundaries, no limits. Success isn’t just about swinging the club; it’s about the game, the strategy, the mindset, the hours of practice, the grit, and the determination.

That’s why it’s limitless. It’s not confined to physical prowess. It’s an amalgamation of skills, traits, decisions, and a bit of luck.

So remember, boys, play your own game. You’re not bound by performance, but the limitless panorama of success.

Keep swinging, Dad.

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