Unleash Your Voice: From Whispers to Masterpieces

My dear sons,

Remember the magic trick I showed you when you were little? The one with the disappearing coin? The first time, it was all hush-hush, full of mystery. The second time, I showed you how it’s done. A magician’s secret revealed.

Life’s like that too. Show your work, even when it’s small, even when it’s imperfect. Like that coin, let it be seen, let it disappear, then bring it back, a little better each time.

Feedback is your compass. It’ll guide you, adjust your course, and help you avoid the Bermuda Triangle of self-doubt.

Don’t bottle up your voice. Let it out. Let it echo, let it crack, let it find its rhythm. It’s like an untamed Pegasus, it can’t soar if you don’t let it gallop first.

So, my sons, don’t be stage magicians, be street performers. Show, ask, speak. Repeat.

And remember, every voice, every masterpiece, started with a whisper and a scribble.

With love and anticipation for your symphony, Dad

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