Question, Simplify, Accelerate: The Path to Greatness

My dear sons,

Life is a Rubik’s Cube, not an assembly line. Don’t just accept the default settings.

You’ll find life’s defaults often lead to average. And you, my lads, are anything but.

Instead, question the presets. Evaluate the ‘why’ behind the usual choices. Ask, “Is this the best way? Or simply the easiest?”

Life’s a grand algorithm. It’s all about question, reduce, simplify, accelerate, automate.

Question everything. Shrink down your problems, simplify them to their core. Then, accelerate your actions.

Automate the repetitive, saving your creativity for where it truly matters.

Remember, the path of least resistance is often a scenic route to mediocrity.

So, keep questioning, keep simplifying. It’s the express lane to greatness.

With love for your brilliant minds, Dad

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