Let Your Talents Lead You

My dear sons,

Remember Everett from “O Brother Where Art Thou?” A mastermind in trouble’s art, always one step ahead of disaster.

His instincts, as quick as a cat streaking across a busy road, often landed him in more chaos than he started with.

Yet, his hidden talent - his soulful voice, became his redemption. An unexpected escape from the labyrinth of his own making.

Remember, boys, instincts are your compass, but they aren’t always right. They can lead you astray just as easily as they can guide you home.

Your talents, on the other hand, are your salvation. They are your strengths, your gifts to the world. Nurture them, and they will guide you through the trickiest of predicaments.

So, my sons, let your instincts guide you, but let your talents lead you.

Take it gently, Dad

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