Embrace the Unpredictability: Life's Adventure of Variation

My dear sons,

Life is a cocktail, not a formula. It’s stirred by randomness, seasoned with fluke, and garnished with variation.

You see, the most vibrant colors of life come from its unpredictability, not its predictability.

Cherish the element of surprise, savor the unexpected, and relish the unplanned. These are the secret spices that make the banquet of life intriguing and delightful.

The thrill of a good book is not knowing how it ends, same as the thrill of life is in its unpredictable turns.

So, my sons, toast to the variation in life, embrace the randomness, and find joy in the fluke chances. It’s these unexpected surprises that make life an adventure worth embarking on.

To the unpredictable journey of life, Dad.

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