Discovering Your Hidden Superpower

My dear sons,

Everyone’s got a superpower stashed away in their back pocket. You, too, my boys.

It’s that something-something that’s been keeping you afloat, even when you thought you were sinking.

Now, don’t mistake it for a red cape or the ability to shoot webs from your hands. It’s more subtle, yet equally potent.

Maybe yours is the ironclad concentration, the kind that makes the world fall silent. Or maybe it’s that stubborn perseverance, akin to a mule on a steep hill.

Perhaps you’ve got a head full of logic, or reasoning that could outwit Sherlock. Or maybe it’s a crafted cocktail of all these.

Whatever it is, it’s been there, working its magic even when you weren’t looking.

So dig in, find it, and let it shine. It’s your secret sauce, your hidden gem.

Onward and upward, Dad

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