Creating Magic: Embrace Vulnerability, Showcase Your Strength

Dear sons,

Life is an elaborate game of Lego blocks, but instead of a manual, you’re armed with courage and imagination.

Creating something, be it a sandcastle or a space mission, is a task worthy of Hercules.

It’s like trying to play Mozart on a kazoo. Difficult, but possible.

However, the real Herculean task? Showcasing your creation to the world.

It’s like standing in your underwear at the North Pole - intimidating and chilly.

Yet, that’s where the magic happens. In the face of vulnerability, you discover your strength.

Remember, the world is but a stage. Don’t be a backstage hand in your own play.

Dance, even if you miss a step. Sing, even if you’re off-key.

Fear not the critics, they’re just spectators, not the playmakers.

So go, create, and let the world be your audience.



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